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Thursday, 17 December 2009

The 'Mexican adventure'....part 1 the Imperial Forces

Though called an adventure it was more of a nightmare for the French and Maximillian!I thought I would add some pics of this very colourful and eventful period in history. The Muswell Militia are having their weekly game tonight - hosted by Simon - and its going to be another Mexican Adventure game. We are currently testing some house rules that I have cobbled together. I have dusted alot of my figures out (I have both sides - Imperial and Republican forces) and thought i'd take a few pics for the blog. Picture above is one of my French command bases. The mounted office is from the Foundry Franco Prussian range, while the infantry are from the Redoubt ACW Zouave range.

Next up we have a unit of French light infantry forming up behind a wooden fence. These figures are all Foundry. I have based my infantry 4 to a 40mm square base - with 4-6 bases representing a unit. I think they look good as larger units.

The second pic is the unit in more detail. As you can see this period offers lots of vibrant and varied uniforms!

Then we have a light field piece to give some supporting fire. Again foundry figures from the Franco Prussian War range. As you can see adding the odd piece of vegetation/battlefield debris can bring the units to life.

Lastly to provide some mobile support and heavy hitting power we have some Imperial Line Lancers moving through a pass. These are actually 1st Corp Rush's lancers that I have converted. I like the vibrabt green uniforms of these and the added red lance pennants add some flair!

I have added a second pic so you get those uniforms in more detail. The cavalry look quite dramatic massed up - and those lance's would make any enemy think twice about messing with them!

This period saw an Austrian installed by the French as Emperor in Mexico. French, Austrian, Belgian, and Egyptian troops saw action against Republican Mexicans who opposed the European 'intervention'.

Last up for this entry is my Belgian command stand - figures are from Eureka . I  like these figures, particularly the advancing standard bearer who looks very determined to keep up with his commander.

I will endeavour to take some action shots from tonights game to add to the blog.


  1. This isn't a period I play but even so, nice miniatures.

  2. thanks Lee - you have to shop around a bit for the appropriate figures - but I guess that adds to the enjoyment of the period.

  3. Always liked this period, looks like fun.