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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Battle for San Pedro Junction

The Muswell Militia mustered its largest gathering last night (six players) for a French Intervention game using the black powder rules. The figures were from my own 28mm collection (which i am just finishing off basing) and from variety of manufacturers (Foundry, 1st Corps, Renegade, Helion etc). The game was based around the French/Imperialist trying to send supplies via the railway and the Republicans trying to stop them!
The Imperialist supply train is stopped by disrupted tracks at the small town of San Pedro. Mexican light troops try to clear the way before the Republicans arrive!

The Belgian Imperialist commander waits nervously by the supply train as his men work desperately to clear the tracks.

To the north of the town dustclouds announce the arrival of a Republican cavalry force - several units of irregular lancers and a unit of state line cavaly.

To the dismay of the Imperialist supply train commander the republican cavalry are supported by infantry and a few artillery pieces. This could get nasty! Where is the relief coumn? The two republican infantry commanders wasted no time and pressed their attacks on the train defenders and the town of San Pedro. Artillery fire managed to disrupt several of the Imperialist units gaurding the train - much to the annoyance of the Belgian Commander Major Hayeoux.

The north side of the battle field - the Republican troops (several units of state militia - yes with confgederate volunteers! and a unit of irregulars) press home their attacks under their Commander Major Lynnz and manage to take the northern part of the town. Their cavalry support (led by their commander Major Milla) is to their right - attempting to block any Imperialist relief force arriving from the west. The Imperialist forces have yet to repair the tracks!

But wait....whats this in the distance? more Republican troops? No its General Nottereaux leading a flying relief column of French and Imperial Mexican Cavalry. But will they make it in time? Where is the occompanying French Infantry led by their commander Moraitis ? Having failed three turns of leadership it has failed to appear as yet!

Meanwhile the Republican Infantry push further forwards and now threaten the Imperialist train. The train escourt try desperately to contain the situation in the hope that their cavalry (seen in the background) can regain the advantage and scatter the Republican rabble. The Imperialist skirmishers flee from a massed charge - leaving the way open for an exchange of musket fire!

....but hold on to your hats...General Nottereaux personally leads the Imperialist cavalry (a unit of Austrain 'red' hussars and an Imperial Mexican Lancer unit) into the fray - will it be enough! After a tense melee the Austrian cavalry break 'my' unit the 'white' republican militia unit but are themselves broken! In the confusion General Nottereaux is swept away by the fleeing cavaly! The Mexican lancers do some damage but with a lucky morale roll the second republican militia unit stands its ground!

At this point we had to call it a night. But it was an enjoyable game (even though George didnt manage to do much as a result of failing his command in the first three turns). It was nice to get all my toys out on a lovely looking table. Over the next few months, all the bases will be finished and unit identification given. I will be making some casualty markers and be producing my own lists for The French Intervention for the Black Powder rules!
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  1. Nice one, a great looking game, I've looked at this period before, it's certainly a strange war. The colours of all the different uniforms look really great, well done!!

  2. It was a whole lot of fun to play, too!

  3. Just stumbled on your post in TMP. Looks like a great game! I have collections for the Maximilian Adventure in both 25 and 15mm. I'd be very interested in your lists for the French Intervention using Black Powder. I had a good time playing this period using Field of Battle, but it worked better for a traditional battles vs. a skirmish game.