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Friday, 11 December 2009

First peek - Italian Wars

Ok so I have to start somewhere - like a typical wargamer I have an eclectic collection of armies - and typically the greater percentage is unpainted.

The first preview of some of my armies was more due to restricted options than anything else - I wanted to post up my first blog entry ASAP but I am at work with limited access to my beloved dust attracting mountains of lead. I had a quick search on my hard drive and found several pics that lets me at least get drum roll...

The first pic (above) is of Spanish troops entering a southern Italian town in the early part of the C1500's. Figures are a mix of companies - the cavalry are mainly redoubt, with a few Front Rank and several of the old plastic battle masters cavalry at the rear funny enough. Infantry are mostly foundry in the foreground, with the pike unit being a Games Workshop Empire box set and some of the troops on the balcony right at the rear are grenadier!

This second pic is of French troops passing an Italian mill in to the north of the country. Again the mounted troops are redoubt and the infantry are a mix of ex-citadel and Foundry. The cattle have obviously come to investigate the whole commotion!

Finally the only other pic I have at hand is of some Italian levy troops leaving their village garrison, watched carefully by the quarter master (in case any wine might go missing). Again a mix of figure companies contributing here - mostly plastic Gamnes Workshop empire pikemen, with Foundry shot and some ex citadel thrown in for good measure.

I have quite a collection of these - they are all based for Warhammer Ancient Battles at present - i'll put some more pictures up of other units soon.

In the meantime I hope they might provide some inspiration for such a colourful period!

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