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Throw your dice long and hard - that way if they arn't lucky they will at least chip some paint off the enemy ;-)
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Monday, 14 December 2009

Bring out your dead......

Foundry Ancient german to be exact! Finally got around to finishing off some casualty marker stands for my ancient german horde. The first pic denotes three unlucky individuals recently felled by their Roman enemy. All foundry figures I chose to base them on round bases which allows me to add scenic effects here and there.

Next up we have two very different reactions from the victims wives.The first is obviously a tad annoyed at her hubbies careless demise. The second is more traditionally grief stricken. AGain all foundry figures.

The last two casualty stands denote a wife singing her dead husbands virtues. The second is my favourite - a wife asking why her husbands best friend only bothered to return the dead mans head! Again all foundry figures.

I will use these to scatter about in the rare moments my noisey, hairy barbarians suffer casualties in their quest to drive the enemy out of their lands. Hopefully they will add charismatic (if not comical) visuals to the battlefield.

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