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Monday, 14 December 2009

My egyptian guests stars.....

One of my many projects is the building of an eastern themed allied army under Mark Anthony (thats him on the left, taking shelter from the fierce middle eastern sun). To date I have recruited some units under his leadership - lots of Skythian/Armenian Horse, some Thureophros infantry, some eastern based Roman Legionnairies. I even have a couple of Nellies...

I was rather pleased to get back this unit on the right - my first unit of Ptolemaic Machimoi Line Phalangites. I am aiming to build a number of these and they will make various 'guest appearances' in the games we play. Under Mark Anthony, earlier as part of successor eastern armies and then also as Ptolemaic troops trying to force Caeaser out of Egpyt!

Here they are in close up where you can see the command figures. They are from Empire Models and painted by my mate Roger. While a little thinner than other manufacturers (A&A, Companion etc) I think they paint up well and give an overall mass effect.

Here's the detail on the back of the unit - presumably as they march off to either glory or death! My next unit to join the massing army will be some cataphracts!


  1. They look really good! If you can get a phalanx or two painted up, that would be a huge help in terms of widening the scope of games we can play. I can see that the BigRedBatBases have finally been used...

  2. ARe we going for 4 base phalanx's or 6 base? yes I might need more of your cottage industry bases shortly! Liked the last Nellie by the way....

  3. Thanks. I organise everything in 6s; probably a good bet as any self respecting phalanx needs to be at least 3 ranks deep for C&C. Do you have a lot more of those? I have a couple of spare minis you can have.

  4. No - I have 8 bases worth need 16 more figures I think - is Empire no longer producing these?

  5. Will find out. BTW I'm getting you added to Figgybloggy, which should get you some visitors.