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Monday, 4 January 2010

Time for a spring clean.....

Happy New Year to all...whilst on the festive break I took a deep breath (and a large gulp of alcohol) and gathered all the projects that need finishing to some extent and placed them on my painting table.

I must quickly defend myself by stating the table doesnt normally look like that - but I wanted to get a grip on what projects need finishing off. As you can see from the picture on the left - quick a bit is the answer!

Among the pile of lead is a large quantity of 28mm ECW (right)  infantry and cavalry - that while painted remain to be based up. I am pleased with the progress I made on these last year. I have enough (once based) for several units of cavalry and infantry. I am keen to play the Victory without Quarter ruleset which I have heard good things about.

My 28mm WW2 North African project also made good progress last year and now I have good sized Axis and Allied Units, with supporting vehicles etc. The picture on the left are some of my New Zealanders being based up - along with mortar support.

The figures on the right are a group of Carthaginian vet infantry (that need new spears and basing up for our Zama game for salute this year); a large quantity of Renaissance Ottomans that require basing and on the top far right you can just see some Sikh infantry for my North African allied armies.

So quite an eclectic mix and lots to do this year - lets hope someone invents a time standstill machine soon!

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  1. Just a few minis there! Hopefully I'll get to game with them as the year goes on. :-)