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Throw your dice long and hard - that way if they arn't lucky they will at least chip some paint off the enemy ;-)
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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Last of the dead elephants.....

I just finished the last dead elephant casualty figure for the big ZAMA game at Salute this year. I received him from Simon on Friday, based and primed him up yesterday and completed the job tonight.

Most of the other elephant casualty stands have the dead beasts amongst various living and dead humans - so to make mine different I decided to add more beasts! I thought some wild dogs would look good but then thought they probably wouldnt be anywhere near a raging battlefield. So instead I decided upon the feathered variety of opportunists - ones that would be very tempted to land and pick - even with all the activity around them.

So here they - some north african buzzards who cant believe their luck! The camera makes them look rather more faded than they really are - but for a couple of  hours work it seems to work and will add some interest to the gaming table!


  1. Those are really good.
    I like them a lot.

  2. very cool, what make are they?


  3. hi - the birds are 'birds of prey' pack from Mega miniatures

  4. Brilliant

    I wish some day my dead elephants may will look half as good

    Well done