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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Carthaginians muster for 2 Zama's....

Well here they are at last - one part of the Carthaginian army to re-fight Zama at Bletchley and Salute.

The force includes light numidian cavalry, infantry, elephants and Carthaginian noble cavalry and veteran infantry. Figures are a mix of Crusader, Foundry and Gripping Beast. They look rather splendid massed up like this - cant wait to see all the figures for the games - sadly, while my figures will be in action at Bletchley I wont be. However - I will be at Salute. I'll stop rambling now and let you enjoy the pics.


  1. Fabulous! They will look brilliant on the table...

  2. A nice looking bunch of chaps, some of which I had on the left flank at Bletchley. Unfortunately the command cards we drew didn`t warrant much use of them though they did cause some damage to the opposition, which would have been more given better dice rolls. I just don`t have it I`m afraid.

  3. lovely stuff, particulary lik the heavy infantry!