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...take sanctuary....pull up a seat and have a quick ten minute break from the scarey real world. I will be posting my ramblings from the great hobby of wargaming from time to time. Hopefully there will be something to keep you here long enough to finish your mug of tea/coffee.

Throw your dice long and hard - that way if they arn't lucky they will at least chip some paint off the enemy ;-)
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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Lancers forward!

Some Imperial Mexican lancers looking to skewer any poor republicans that happen in their way. First Corp figures converted from their Rush's Lancers packs. I will eventually field three of these.

Chasseurs d'afrique

Another unit assembles for the Imperialist force in Mexico - this time a unit of Chasseurs d'afrique (foundry figures). I just need two more figures to finish the unit. A nice unit to add to the French ranks!

Austrian Red Hussars for sale

6 very nicely painted and based Austrian Red Hussars for Maximillian in Mexico. Foundry figures painted, varnished and based ready to go. All sensible offers considered as these beauties are only available from Foundry very rarely. Email me at

Red Hussars Muster!

Finally got around to finishing off the Austrian Red Hussar unit for my French in Mexico collection. Fine figures from Foundry, painted by a friend and touched up and based by myself. Ready to fight for Maximillian against the Republican upstarts!

Friday 22 June 2012

French command base in Mexico

                              So where are your fellow rebels?

I also managed to complete another command stand for my French in Mexico collection. This is a French command stand 'interviewing' a rather unfortunate local. I really like the feel to this stand. The figures are Foundry - with the three French figures plucked from the Franco-Prussian range and the peon from the Western collection. I am waiting for someone to produce cloth flags for this period so that i can replace my printed effort!

B.O.F.F.I.N Agents

                    Brooke Bond and side-kick P.G Tips

I'm quite pleased with these - painted them up in a just over an hour. They are two new B.O.F.F.I.N (British Operatives Fighting Fanaticism, Insurgency and Nuisences) Agents: Brooke Bond and P.G. Tips and their rathing spiffing transport! I'll be using them to quosh vile villains with the 7TV rules ( The villains are gathering as I type and i'll post these up too when they are back from one of my painter contacts.

Touching base.....

Its been a while! But i've been busy behind the scenes. I've got a new wargaming den being constructed in the garden as i speak.....i'll post pictures when its near completion - but one aspects that is exciting us is being able to keep the game table up so that we can play bigger games. We have been fighting alot of I Aint Been Shot Mum with 28mm figures in north Africa and have been having alot of fun with those. We have also been playing Maurice with Ian's new matchstick armies (see them on Simon's blog: ) and having fun with those rules as well.

I have been organising my 28mm ECW armies - and i am going for 48 figure pik/shot units and 15-18 figure cavalry units - as  they just look the business to be honest. I have also been re-organising my 28mm Maximillian in Mexico armies - and i have quite a large collection now - over 7 24 man infantry regiments per side and around 5 12 man cavalry units per side - with everything from irregular lancers, Austrian Red Hussars and Belgian infantry and a scratch built fort!. I am presently rebasing some of it but aim to post photos of the entire collection over the summer.

I've also been doing the odd figure painting and i shall post up some of that now!
Dr Simon