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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Battling Batavians.....

The muswell Militia tried out the Hail Caesar Rules again last night with a rough and ready battle between the might of Rome and the Batavian revolters! We were testing out both the rules and the units for a more 'organised' game scenario next week.

Given we didnt really give much thought to the initial unit positions the game was fun and pretty exciting - with mixed results for each side all down the line. The Romans probably edged the game at the end of the night. Ian took on the Roman, Simon took on the Batavian regulars and I took charge of the hariy barbaric german hordes. I'll leave you to peruse the pretty pictures of the action.....

The Roman right wing advances under the noses of the watchtower garrison (Simon's Romans)

       Opposite the Roman right, the German cavalry and warbands mass (my germans in the foreground)

                          A shot from behind the Batavian Left Wing

                Batavian Legionnaries watch the advance of the Roman Auxillia (Simon's figs)

Some snarly germans ready themselves (my figures)

                 German skirmishers watch the Romans Advance (Simons Figures)

              On the other wing cavalry battle cavalry! (Simons lovely cavalry units)

                        Things heat up and body's pile up in the centre of the battle

      German warbands crash into the Roman lines (they were actually quite effective in this game)

      The German left wing at the end of the battle (the Germans had annihilated one Roman cohort, shaken  another and had one warband become shaken by a third Roman cohort (bottom right).

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